Residence Permits are categorised depending on the nature and scale in which the holder intends to undertake. Basically, there are three types of residence permits, namely :-

  1. Class A: For self –employed foreigners (investors)
  2. Class B: For expatriates working in company/ private institutions.
  3. Class C: For other class of foreigners such as researchers, retired persons, Missionaries, Volunteers etc.

The power to issue a residence permit is vested to the Commissioner General of Immigration Service. Applicants who are not satisfied by the Commissioner’s decisions may appeal to the Minister of Home Affairs while they are outside the country. Application for residence permits should also be submitted while the applicant is outside the country.


The maximum validity of any class of Residence Permit will not exceed two years, and it may be renewable. Indeed, the validity of Residence Permit may depend on:

  • Employment contract;
  • Validity of licence issued by relevant professional Boards;
  • Validity of Work Permits;.