Residence Permits are generally to be sought by the company or employer while the prospective resident is still outside the country except in renewal cases. An employer who applies for a first grant Residence Permit while the prospective resident is within the country may be subjected to pay for Special Pass fee on top of Residence Permit fee.


The procedure for application of Residence Permit Online is as follows:

  1. Visit the direct link: or visit our web site
  2. Then Go to e-services and select Online Residence Permit Application;
  3. The applicant is advised first to READ the Residence Permit Guidelines
  4. Then, applicant MUST create an account. The applicant should click where it is written create account and he/she will be able to fill the e-mail, mobile number, telephone number, postal address and password.
  5. When the account is created the applicant can proceed with filling the form, attach all the required documents and finally submit the application;
  6. Once an application has been approved for payment, applicant will be notified, and he/she will be required to pay the prescribed fee within sixty (60) days. After expiry of 60 days, if no payment has been done the application will be deleted automatically;
  7. After payment the applicant will receive a Residence Permit Enrolment Notification, which requires the applicant to report to the nearest Immigration Office for fingerprints and photo capture (enrollment process);
  8. Once the enrolment process is done the applicant will wait for his/ her Residence Permit processing and issuance within a week
  9. The Permit may be collected at the Regional Immigration Office where the company is located or at the Immigration Headquarters, Immigration Head Office Zanzibar, TIC, EPZA or ZIPA as the case may be.

NB: Where it happens the application has insufficient document/information the applicant will be notified ONLINE (through the Residence Permit System) to rectify the relevant query so that the application can proceed.


For applicants who are registered under Tanzania Investment Center (TIC) and have been issued with certificate of incentive may lodge their applications online (Class A and B) through the window of TIC. Whereas applicants who are registered under EPZA and being issued with EPZA licence may submit their applications through EPZA window.

For the case of Zanzibar, applicants who are registered with the Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority and have been issued with certificate of incentive may lodge their applications through the window of ZIPA. 


Prior to start making application, applicant is advised to read carefully the Residence Permit Guidelines for detailed information of Residence Permit.