Frequently Asked Questions

 Q1: If I need a passport, what do I have to do?

A:  If a citizen needs a passport, he/she has to visit the nearest immigration office, obtain and fill in application form, and then return it with the following attachments:

    • Proof of applicant’s citizenship
    • Proof of applicant’s trip
    • Supporting document of applicant’s residence
    • Application letter
    • 5 recent, passport size pictures

Q2: How long does it take to obtain a passport?

A:      After submission of all required documents, it takes one week for the applicant who lodges his/her application at the headquarters, and two weeks for those who lodge outside the headquarters office to get their passports.

Q3: What is the fee to obtain a passport/ how much does it cost to obtain a passport?

A:      The passport fee is 50,000. 

Q4: If I have applied for a passport, and before it is issued I get an emergence trip to Zambia, how do I get assistance?

A:   In that situation, you can apply for an Emergency Travel Document (ETD) which is issued within a day and it is valid for travel within East and Central Africa.  

Q5: If I have obtained a Tanzanian Visa at the London Embassy, do I have to obtain another Visa to visit Zanzibar?

A:      If you already have a Tanzanian Visa, you don’t need another visa to visit Zanzibar because it is part of Republic of Tanzania.

Q6: Can I apply for a Tanzanian Visa online?

A:      Tanzanian Visa is not issued online, but plans are underway to start issuing visa online. However, visitors from countries whose nationals do not require referral Visa can obtain their visa on arrival at the entry points.  

Q7: What kind of permit is required for a visitor/foreigner who wants to invest in Tanzania and what are the procedures to apply and obtain the same?

A:      Indeed, there are different kinds of permits depending on the industry or profession an alien would like to engage in. Please visit relevant page on our Website that describes Residence Permits. But in regard to this particular question, the visitor who would like to invest in Tanzania will have to apply for Residence Permit Class A, which is issued to investors. 

 Q8: If I obtain a Kenyan visa, do I have to obtain another visa to get into Tanzani?

A:      Yes, indeed Kenya and Tanzania are the countries within the East African block, however at present the countries involved do not apply  common visa within the Community like it is for the Shenzhen Visa. As such, if you obtain a Kenyan visa, you will have to obtain Tanzanian visa to get into Tanzania, likewise to all other countries within the Community.

 Q09: If I need to visit Tanzania, how do I get Visa, or is there any special procedure?

A:      Tanzanian visa can be issued in Tanzanian embassies and Missions abroad or at any entry point to the country for most nationalities. However, there are some few countries whose nationals require special clearance before being issued with Tanzanian Visa.

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